On February 1, 2023, eligible family physicians in BC who register for the LFP Payment Model will be able to start billing the new service codes and payment model.

A physician who meets the Initial Eligibility Criteria may enrol in the LFP Payment Model by submitting the Registration Code to MSP, via Teleplan. Physicians must submit the Registration Code five business days prior to submitting claims under the LFP Payment Model. 

To continue enrollment, a physician who meets the Ongoing Eligibility Criteria must submit the Registration Code annually between January 1 and March 31. If the Registration Code is not submitted by March 31 of a given calendar year, no subsequent payments will occur under the LFP Payment Model until the Registration Code is submitted. 

A Facility Number is not required to enroll in the LFP payment model; however, it is required to submit claims under the LFP payment model. Facility Numbers for diagnostic or Primary Care Organization (PCO) facilities should not be used for the LFP payment model.

Physicians can obtain the Facility Number from the Facility Administrator (the physician responsible for the administration of the facility). Physicians are advised to confirm their Facility Number(s) as soon as possible to allow billing of LFP fee items as of February 1, 2023.

If a facility does not have a Facility Number, the Facility Administrator must apply for a number by submitting the “Application for MSP Facility Number (New)” form. Each location must obtain a unique Facility Number.

Note: Ensure that only one application for a Facility Number is submitted for each facility.

How to submit  98000 Longitudinal Family Physician Payment Model Registration Code .......................0.00

A physician submits the Registration Code 98000 using their MSP Practitioner Number and the following “patient” demographic information: 

• PHN: 9694105066 

• Patient Surname: Portal

• First name: LFP 

• Date of Birth: January 1, 2023 

• ICD-9 code: L23 

Please refer to the February 1, 2023 Payment Schedule  for further details.