As of February 1st, 2023 Time Code claims can be submitted on a daily basis for Direct Patient Care, Indirect Patient Care, and Clinical Administration

One or more claims may be submitted for each Time Code each day. It is not necessary to make a separate claim for the time spent with each patient.

Start and end times on each block of time must be entered on the billing claim. 

The following fields are required for each Time Code submission:

• MSP Payee Number

• Practitioner Number 

• Date of service 

• Time code (using the fee item field in Teleplan) 

• Start time (for each block of time)

• End time (for each block of time), 

• Time units - the number of 15-minute time units 

• ICD-9 diagnostic code: L23 

• Location Code

• Facility Number (Apply for an MSP facility number)

Once you have obtained a facility number, you can update your Provider Record, by entering it in the "Facility Number" Field as shown below.

The “Time Codes” are the following: 

• 98010 LFP Direct Patient Care Time – per 15 minutes 

• 98011 LFP Indirect Patient Care Time – per 15 minutes 

• 98012 LFP Clinical Administration Time – per 15 minutes

Time Codes are billed in 15-minute increments. The number of 15-minute units of time providing Clinic-based Services is totalled over the whole day and entered as the number of services on the claim. A physician must work the full 15 minutes to bill for that 15-minute increment. 

For example, if a physician provides 50 minutes of Direct Patient Care, they are entitled to claim 3 units of  98010 LFP Direct Patient Care Time – per 15 minutes: 

To enter your start and end time, click on the "Extra Fields", next to the service date.

You can review the LFP Payment Schedule for more information.

Guide to the Physician-Patient Interaction Codes.