Locum Interaction Codes 

In addition to billing Locum Time Codes physicians can also bill for locum interactions included in the LFP Locum Payment Model.

The following fields are required for each Locum Patient Interaction Codes submitted to Health Insurance BC:

  • MSP Payee Number
  • Practitioner Number
  • Patient Personal Health Number (PHN)
  • Patient Name
  • Patient Date of Birth
  • Date of service
  • Locum Patient Interaction Code (fee item)
  • ICD-9 Diagnostic Codes (1 code mandatory, 3 maximum)
  • Location Code
  • Facility Number
  • Referred by (when a referral has been made to you include the practitioner number of the referring physician in the “Referred by Field.”)
  • Referred to (when you are making a referral include the MSP practitioner number of the physician being referred to in the “Referred to Field.” If no Locum Patient Interaction Code is being submitted, a claim record for a “no charge referral” may be submitted to MSP under fee item 03333 with a zero-dollar amount.)

*This is required for referrals and consultations only

Locum Patient Interaction Codes”, as explained in detail below, are the following:

  • 98061 LFP Locum In-person Interaction in a Clinic
  • 98062 LFP Locum Virtual Interaction by Phone or Video
  • 98052 LFP Locum Minor Procedure or Diagnostic Test Provided with an In-person Interaction
  • 98051 LFP Locum In-person Interaction with a Standard
  • 98050 LFP Locum In-person Interaction with an Advanced Procedure
  • 98063 LFP Locum In-person Interaction in the Patient’s Home
  • 98060 LFP Locum Consultation
  • 98064 LFP Locum In-person or Video Group Interaction

An LFP Locum can only bill Locum Patient Interaction Codes and must not bill the Patient Interaction Codes

When minor procedures or diagnostic tests are provided during an in-person interaction, this is billed via an add-on code that can be billed in addition to other in-person interaction codes. Appendix D outlines the procedures and diagnostic tests that are payable under the three procedure Locum Patient Interaction Codes (98050, 98051, 98052). 

Procedures and diagnostic tests not outlined in Appendix D cannot be claimed under these Locum Patient Interaction Codes and are included in the appropriate in-person Locum Patient Interaction Code (98060, 98061, 98063, 98064). They cannot be claimed under Fee-For-Service or by any alternative payment model unless it is an Excluded Service.

You can review the LFP Payment Schedule - March 2023 for more information.