45 - Invalid Referral Doctor:

45: INVALID REFERRING PRACTITIONER IDENTIFIER The Referring Prac ID is:(a) blank or invalid or(b) not an intraspecialty or(c) from a practitioner without the appropriate discipline or skill. 


The Ministry is saying the Referral Practitioner’s Practitioner ID (Billing Number) is invalid (not correct, typos, retired, license suspended, no longer registered in the province, etc.); or they are not registered with the Ministry to submit referrals; or they are not registered with the Ministry with the proper discipline or skill, in order to pay the claim. 

The referral doctor needs to contact the Ministry to update their registration so you can resubmit the claim and get paid.

If the referral doctor does not correct this, you could get a referral from another practitioner, so you can get paid.

Here is how to fix common rejection codes: How to Fix Common Alberta Rejection Codes