Payment for this service was refused as: (a) the claim was previously paid or (b) the claim was applied at “0” on a previous Statement of Assessment or (c) the claim was previously paid under a different HSC for the same service under another benefits schedule. NOTE: Requests for a reassessment of applied at “0” claims must be submitted with the original claim number and Edit or Reassess. Hospital reciprocal claims are an exception and must be resubmitted as described in the Alberta Health and Wellness Hospital Reciprocal Claim Submission Guide.

  1. a) The best way to research this issue will be to go to your “Manage Invoices” and the “All” tab. Enter the patient’s name in the “Patient” name search filter field, and click the green “Go” (see screenshot):

b) Alternatively, you can view the invoice (in Manage Invoices, click on the gray eye to the far right of the claim  ).   
Go to “Previous Invoices” in the bottom right corner. Click on “View All” for more details.

  1. From here, you can check to see if you may have accidentally duplicated a payment by reviewing the service date and service codes billed. If you have seen a patient twice on the same day for the same service code, you will just need to edit the duplicated invoice to update the encounter field “Enc” to 2 to signify to AHS that this isn’t a duplicate, rather the second encounter with this patient, save, and resubmit (see screenshot):


Here is how to fix common rejection codes: How to Fix Common Alberta Rejection Codes