If you are using ClinicAid with your EMR/EHR via the API (Application Programming Interface) you do not need to create your patient demographics record in ClinicAid. Your patient records will be automatically created through the API. 

If you have manually added the patient record into ClinicAid and you are trying to bill from your EMR/EHR you will get an error "A patient with this health number already exists". 

When this happens, you can link the patient demographic that you are trying to bill, to the patient demographics that have been previously saved in ClinicAid. 

This error message will have a link (Load Patient) clicking it will take you to the patient record in ClinicAid. 

On the ClinicAid Demographics record click "Edit":

You will see a box "Remote ID":

In that box, you will need to enter the remote ID from your EMR's/EHR's patient demographic record. 

**If you do not know where to find the remote ID, you will need to contact your EMR/EHR service provider.**

Once successfully updated, you can continue to bill for that patient.

This can only be accessed if you have Super Admin access in ClinicAid.