ClinicAid Trigger Service Codes automatically bill a second service code when the first service code is input.

In other words, when one service code is billed, it prompts another associated with it. 

To set up Trigger Codes, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Preferences” in the left-hand menu, click “Service Codes", and select the “Trigger Codes” tab.

  2. In the “Create new trigger code group” box, type a name, and click the green “Create New Group” button. 

  3. Click on the blue edit pencil icon to the far right of your group.

  4. In the “Search for service codes” box near the top centre, type your first service code, and click the green “+” sign to add it.

  5. Click the gray “Set As Trigger” button.

  6. In the “Search for service codes” box, type the second service code (you would like to automatically bill with the first), and click the green “+” sign to add. Repeat these steps for any additional service codes you wish to add.

  7. Click the blue “Update Group” button at the top to save.

  8. To use the trigger codes when billing, go to the “Create Invoice” screen, enter the first service code as usual (i.e. 14560) and click the black “Add” button.

  9. When you click the black “Add” button, ClinicAid will automatically trigger the addition of the second code (i.e. 00044).

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