In ClinicAid we regularly manage and keep updated lists of active referral practitioners and their ID numbers (MSP, OHIP, AHCIP)  in each province we operate. Regardless of our efforts to keep the data updated there are cases when valid referral practitioners don't exist in our databases. When this happens there are few different options for creating your bills.

1. Add referral practitioner while creating an invoice

You can add a practitioner name or number to the referral ID field, and we will automatically try to match it to our referral provider lookup tables. If we don't get a match, you can still use the practitioner's number you have entered.

2. Add the referral practitioner to your custom list

In your ClinicAid account you create and maintain your own list of additional referral practitioners by going to Admin --> Referral Providers and clicking the Add a Referral Provider link. When adding referral practitioners, Provider # is the only required field. If you don't have Admin privileges to do this in your ClinicAid account please contact your office manager or send a ClinicAid support request.