These steps will allow you to setup private billing: 

a. Access the Private Billing Admin section by going to the Admin section of your menu, then clicking on Private Billing.



On the Private Billing Admin page, start by filling in your clinic's address information, this is what will appear on the pdf invoice that is created. Save the information before going on to the next section.



b. The Custom Code tab allows you to add codes for services that are not covered by your provincial health program. To do so, click on the green "+ New Custom Code" button, fill in the information required, and click on the blue "Create Code" button at the bottom. (Note: You can add tax options in the section below, see point "c" for details on how to add them.)






c. Some of your services might be taxable.  Add the appropriate taxes for your province by clicking on the "Add Tax" button. It will display the following (see picture below). Enter the name of the tax, and it's value in percentage. Click on the  blue "Create Tax" button.


 d. The last step to do in the Private Billing Admin Section is to add payers. Payers are third parties to whom you will be sending private invoices, like insurance companies, for example. To add a payer, click on the green "+ New Payer" button, fill in the information related to this payer, and click on the blue "Create Payer" button at the bottom. Note: the default payer on any private invoice will be the patient, you will be able to select any 3rd party payers when creating the invoice



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