This is an accounting report that shows the total of all the payments and refunds for provincially and privately billed claims. It includes payment date and service date. You can also filter by payment source.

What each column means:

  • Patient: This is the patient the physician provided health care services for.

  • Amount Paid: This is the amount that you should expect on your deposit or cheque. This may be different from the ClinicAid payable for various reasons. Either because you’ve had a number of rejections, you have received a bonus or you have billed through another billing platform.

  • Invoice Tax Total: This is the total tax on Private invoices.

  • Service Code: This is the Health Service Code billed.

  • Payment Date: This is the expected date when you will receive your payments from the Ministry.

  • Service Date: This is the date the physician provided the service for the patient.

  • Provider: This is the Physician who provided the patient health care services.

  • Type: This column indicates if it was a Provincial or Private (3rd party insurer or billed patient directly) invoice.

  • Payment Source: This is the source or method of the payment. The options are the Province, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, Debit, and Other.

  • Payment Status: This is whether the payment was accepted.

  • Private Payer Category: This includes all private payer categories such as third party insurers.

  • View Invoice: Click on the blue ‘View Invoice’ hyperlink in the row to view the detailed invoice.